92 % of us are breathing polluted air.
There is a way to choose what we breathe IN.

Air HUNT — revolutionary platform that collects, analyses and presents air pollution data to make everyday decisions, based on air quality around YOU!

AIR pollution

Clean city

Only 100% of us have a privelage to breath non polluted air.

We are so busy in our lives

We are so busy in our lives that awaraness to air pollution problem is remarkably low.

No access to detailed data

In an age of modern technology we still do not have access to detailed and precise data on air quality.

Air HUNT is a new companion that will follow wherever you go.

It will provide usefull data on air quality to make decisions, based on air around you.


    We created new generation advisor for your everyday use. Fix it to your belt, bag, mount it on your bike or wear it with special strap — it does not matter as long as it is with you. Device will connect with your mobile phone app and you will start your AirHunt journey.

    All information that you need- on your app screen:

    1. Map of area you are in with air quality evaluation.

    2. Your progress as AirHunter — how much valuable data for other city citizens you've collected.

    3. Air quality scale that gives you signal if you are in polluted area.

    4. Recomendations how to avoid polluted air in your area.


    R-Nox Ltd. — a group of people that follows one goal to create a full stack platform and database that will increase awareness to environmental pollution in Cities.

    We invent, improve and implement instruments to make environmental pollution data collection attractive, simple and interesting to our target audience.

    By 2020 we will create understandable, valuable, precise data of environmental pollution that will impact everyday life of ordinary citizens and decision making of governmental institutions of 20 Major Metropolitans in the world.

    AirHunt is one of our inventions that will improve how citizens breathe and will pay our attention to air pollution problem around us.